IWPC_logo_rgbThe Innovative Wood Products Collaborative believes wood from sustainably managed forests will address climate change and reshape the way we build cities in the future.

Wood provides a strong, safe, affordable building product that is more sustainable, less energy intensive, and friendlier to the environment than those currently used in most buildings.

“We are faced with the two major issues in our time, man-made climate change and a soaring world population. To construct adequate housing for future generations we must reinvent construction so that we can fulfill this need with the minimum effect on our environment.”ANDREW WAUGHANDREW WAUGHPRINCIPAL, WAUGH THISTLETON ARCHITECTURE
“How we address climate change in buildings is a cornerstone in how the world will tackle the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”MICHAEL GREENMICHAEL GREENCASE FOR TALL WOOD BUILDINGS

The Innovative Wood Products Collaborative is a group of individuals, architects, engineers, ENGOs, academics, research-design-builders, forest landowners, manufacturers, technology companies and end users that support the use of wood from sustainably managed forests in tall buildings and other commercial structures. Natural, renewable, and climate friendly, wood is a vital part of the green economy of the 21st Century. From home building to innovative uses in modern architecture, to the thousands of products we use every day, wood is a sustainable, green building material that is truly our most natural resource. The Pacific Northwest is one of the most significant timber baskets in the nation, and a national center of expertise for sustainable forest management and innovative wood products manufacturing. Our goal is to grow the market for traditional and innovative wood products made in the Pacific Northwest for use in residential and commercial structures.